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Arsenic Removal Facility

The Upper Monument Creek Regional Wastewater Treatment Facility (UMCR WWTF) was issued a discharge permit that established an effluent arsenic limit which the facility was not consistently meeting. The source of arsenic originates from the Denver Basin aquifer potable water supply wells used by the Donala Water and Sanitation District (DWSD) for a major portion of its water supply.  WTP waste residuals discharged to the wastewater collection system that flows to the UMCR WWTF.  The concentration of arsenic in the WWTF discharge increased in the summer months when there was increased water production.  The selected alternative for remediating the arsenic concentrations was the construction of a WTP residual sludge dewatering facility using a plate filter press.  In addition to arsenic, the sludge contains high concentration of iron, manganese, and radium.  Operation of the facility is seasonal when water production is increased thus a larger quantity of radium is in the waste stream.  The facility is located on a DWSD property located adjacent to the R. Hull WTP.  Since the facility is within a residential subdivision, the building was designed to match the existing WTP.   The total capital cost of the project was nearly $1.5 million.  Annual operating expenses were estimated to be $70,000 a year which is largely due to the cost of disposal of the waste to a facility that accepted radioactive waste due to the presence of radium.

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